Kickoff Blog

NFL Kickoff Blog, September 8, 2016: The NFL season is here.  NFL Kickoff features a rematch between the defending world champion Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers on NBC. Peyton Manning has transitioned out as a player and continued as pitchman extraordinaire while Cam Newton hopes to continue pitching fastballs to wide receivers and running touchdowns as fast as Usain Bolt. Cam–marketed as Super Man–hopes to orchestrate and celebrate a win. Super Bowl 50 MVP Vaughn Miller will have something to say about that. He cashed in over the off-season with a new deal and earned a spot as the pitchman for Madden NFL 17.

Six Sunday games will be marketed, promoted and viewed by rabid fans with week one concluding Monday night with the Rams versus 49ers. Football is back in L.A., and the cash cow that is the NFL is ready to moo. Rams rising star running back and first-round pick–Todd Gurley–overcame a serious knee injury in college and seems to be well on his way to a great NFL career. Forty-niners quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been relegated to backup. Can Kaepernick, who’s rockin’ the afro and standing for a cause, get off the ground and rebound as the starter and star he once was? The sale of his number seven jersey is on the rise, and he’s guaranteed millions, but I’m certain his life has changed forever!

So as you snuggle up with your phone, tablet or television to watch week one of the NFL season, and cheer for your favorite team or player, consider the man behind the helmet: his truth, his burdens, his family, his plight, his legacy. Think about what the guy that made at least $400,000 last season is feeling like after failing to make an NFL roster this season. Ponder what sports teams and leagues are doing or not doing to help athletes in transition. Consider why many athletes struggle when the cheering stops. Then checkout this video to learn about the greatness that is within every athlete that has made it to the top of his or her profession. If the video moves you, please complete our Corporate Opportunities Form to talk about how your organization can help an active or former NFL player interested in finding a career after football.