NFL Alumni Presents

21st Annual Player Networking Event

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“It was an honor to make the first charitable contribution to PNE. As an entrepreneur it is my obligation to give back. Contributing to active and former NFL players in need of support was a no-brainer.”

Ronnie LottClass of 2000, Pro Football Hall of Fame  

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“I fully support the aims of PNE. There’s always a win-win for corporations and players.”

Kimberly Fields, SVP Partnership Development & Operations, NFL

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“I’m always amazed by the programming content. In my opinion, PNE’s real brand promise is innovation.”

Jon HarrisCEO of AthLife,  An Education and Career Service Provider of the NFLPA and the Trust


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“PNE served as a soft landing spot when my Pac 12 football career ended. I was trained, nurtured and placed by mentors from the network.”

Terrence Gray, Director of College Scouting, Buffalo Bills 

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“PNE provides players with a platform to network and connect like no other. It’s a safe environment rooted in genuine care and concern for the well-being of athletes.”

Les Pico, Vice President Player Development, Minnesota Vikings

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“Transitioning from the NFL can be scary and challenging. I greatly benefited from the bridge that is PNE and will always support the event in some form or fashion.”

Martin Mayhew, Senior Personnel Executive, San Francisco 49ers 

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“I attended the event as a corporate guest when positioning myself for a career move into sports. I now serve in union leadership part and parcel to relationships developed at PNE.”

Teri Patterson Smith, Deputy Managing Director, NFLPA 

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“I have engaged with PNE for nearly twenty years and trust its brand promise. Alumni members and former players benefit greatly from the programs and services facilitated by PNE.”

Al Smith,  Chapter Presidents Co-Chair, NFL Alumni  

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