18th Annual Player Networking Event at the Super Bowl

Friday, February 2, 2018 OR Saturday, February 3, 2018

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The PNE connects football players with best-in-class mentors that nurture and coach athletes towards career success when the cheering stops.”

Guy Troupe, PNE Founder and Chairman of the Board

What happens when the cheering stops?


Only the best of the best can secure one of approximately 2,000 jobs as a player in the NFL each year. Read more


One could argue that nothing bonds cities and states more closely than a good college football team. Read more

High School

Each year over 1 million athletes plays high school football. Stadiums across the United States are filled with adoring fans Read more

Guy Troupe

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Many top businesses and organizations already have partnered with PNE.

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It was an honor for me to make the first charitable contribution to PNE. As a successful entrepreneur it is my obligation to give back. Giving back to active and former players in need of support was a no brainer.

 – Ronnie Lott NFL Hall of Famer  

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I believe in the mission of PNE because I’ve witnessed the growth and development of former players that have blossomed in business as a resulting of joining the network.

 – Kimberly Fields, Vice President Football Operations, NFL 

I highly recommend that active and former players attend the PNE Super Bowl weekend. The networking is phenomenal!

 –  Jon Harris, Athlife, Career Transition Consultant for NFLPA Trust 


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Transitioning from the NFL is scary and challenging. I greatly benefited from the bridge that is PNE and will always support the event in some form or fashion.

 – Martin Mayhew, Former NFL Player & Director of Football Operations, New York Giants 

 PNE Founder and Chairman of the Board, Guy Troupe, has built a powerful network rooted in servicing people in need. Transitioning from football is tough. PNE softens the blow by meeting players where they are while nurturing them towards sustainable second careers. 

 – Les Pico, Executive Director of Player Development/Lega, Minnesota Vikings 

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