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Assist with will all aspects of event planning and execution for the Player Networking Event (PNE) Super Bowl weekend.


  • Move boxes and other materials to assigned areas.
  • Set-up and dismantle signage in various areas (e.g. registration area, workshops, green room, etc.).
  • Organize and distribute event credentials, passes, gift bags, etc.
  • Provide general administrative support to staff and vendors.
  • Deliver high quality and responsive customer service to guests.
  • Other duties as assigned.


The following roles are available for individuals looking to gain sports and event planning-related experience: sales and marketing, customer service, social media, email monitor, writer, interviewer, blogger, videographer, photographer, event planner, financial analyst, researcher, personal assistant, web and app designer, proof reader, graphic artist, AV technical assistant,  driver, bartender, server, hostess, laborer.


Event day volunteers will typically be asked to commit at least four hours the day of the event during one of the following time slots: 7:00am to 11:00am, 11:00am to 3:00pm, 3:00pm to 7:00pm or 7:00pm to 11:00pm.


Volunteers are asked to report in business casual attire (e.g. dark slacks/skirts, khaki pants, button down shirt, polo, etc.). No sneakers and jeans should be worn during event hours.


Meals will be served for volunteers. Volunteers may also consume food and beverages from during the networking happy hour.


Volunteers are responsible for all travel costs to and from the venue. PNE will cover parking expenses.


Interested volunteers, please send an email with your name, occupation, cell phone number and tee shirt size to pne@troupe21.com.


Event Overview

The Player Networking Event (PNE) was established in 2000 as a pilot program under the National Football League’s (NFL) Player and Employee Development Department (now known as Player Engagement) while Guy Troupe worked as the department’s senior director. The six-hour event, which typically takes place the Saturday before Super Bowl Sunday, was created to provide active and former NFL players with exposure to corporations committed to (or interested in) providing players with work experiences through the NFL’s Career Transition Program. In 2003, the NFL provided Troupe21 & Associates with exclusive ownership rights of PNE and access to various NFL assets to produce the event. Historically, PNE has targeted sponsors and partners interested in marketing appearances, shadowing experiences, internships, employment, vendor supplier, franchising and investment opportunities to active and former NFL players. In 2011, PNE expanded its focus to support players interested in using the platform to launch and promote their business interests. Over 1,500 active and former NFL players have benefited from the PNE since inception.

PNE Super Bowl weekend is a networking experience for active and former NFL players, approximately 40 vendors and 250 corporate guests.

PNE’s social media strategy is designed to connect, engage and inform high school, college, active NFL, and former professional football players about the PNE Mentor Network, which consists of approximately 1,100 former NFL players. Our PTSD Strategy involves posting, streaming, texting and downloading event-related information to create a virtual and “forever green” learning environment for players in need of career transition resources and support. This approach includes a fan engagement strategy that helps our partners and sponsors connect with targeted customers.


To demonstrate the value of leveraging relationships with major corporations, player-owned businesses, and trusted corporate executives Super Bowl weekend.


  1. To compliment the career transition efforts of the NFL and NFL Players Association.
  2. To support active and former NFL players by assisting them with networking, employment contacts, and exposure to post-football career opportunities.
  3. To identify and invite trusted professionals into the PNE network for the primary purpose of mentoring active and former NFL players.
  4. To recruit corporations interested in structuring career learning opportunities for active and former NFL players (e.g. shadowing, internships, management trainee, employment, etc.).
  5. To help active and former NFL players create realistic career transition goals.
  6. To advance a brand marketing strategy that highlights active and former NFL players that have demonstrated success in business and employment.
  7. To establish a nationally recognized brand PTSD Football utilizing digital and social media.
  8. To support the growth and expansion of PNE’s Career Transition Program—Big Shoulders—a 501 (c) 3 initiative administered by BEES, Incorporated.
  9. To launch our online Business of Sport Football Series to football players throughout America.
  10. To increase our current social media reach by 30%.

Value Statements

-PNE has worked in partnership with the NFL, NFLPA & NFL Alumni since inception.

-PNE has identified, promoted and trained successfully transitioned former NFL players.

-PNE provides career transition support for active & former players who attend the event.

-PNE programming helps to normalize the challenges of career transition.

-PNE provides career education, coaching, and mentorship for players.

-PNE exposes players to a corporate environment (versus party environment).

-PNE facilitates player-to-player, business-to-business and player-to-business interaction.

-PNE models off-the-field professionalism for active and former NFL players.

-PNE helps players schedule shadowing, internship, and employment opportunities.

-PNE provides positive public relations content for the NFL.

-PNE serves as a viable corporate entertainment option for event partners and sponsors.


We incorporate high school, college, professional and retired athletes into our overall strategy while executing traditional event planning functions that offer clients multiple activation opportunities (e.g. public relations and communications, brand strategy, contests and sweepstakes, hospitality, strategic alignment, social media engagement, traditional advertising, online promotions, on-site sampling, business-to-business campaigns, promotional opportunities, target marketing, digital and interactive media, etc.).  Funds from sponsorships are utilized for all event-related expenses with the aim of fundraising for year-around activities (e.g. workshops, online learning, counseling, career coaching, etc.) designed to help active and former football players in transition.   [Note: All pre and post-PNE workshops are facilitated under the programmatic name—Big Shoulders—operated by PNE’s charitable beneficiary BEES, Incorporated, a 501 (c) 3 private foundation; tax ID number 73-1444898.]





    I'm available Wednesday, Feb. 8 from 7:30am to 7:30pm.

    I'm available Thursday, Feb. 9 from 7:30am to 7:30pm.

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