Vendor Insurance

PNE May Require a Certificate of Liability Insurance

PNE may require exhibitor to maintain insurance at its own expense with the following terms: (a) fire insurance on special form basis including water damage insurance, in amounts sufficient to fully cover all leasehold improvements, fixtures and property in the Premises; (b) liability insurance, with blanket contractual liability coverage with Licensor, Licensor’s affiliate, if applicable, and Licensor’s managing agent named as an additional insured, against claims for death, personal injury and property damage in or about the Premises on a primary non-contributory basis for all ongoing and completed operations, in amounts which are from time to time acceptable to a prudent tenant in community in which the building is located and satisfactory to Licensor but not less than $2,000,000 for death, illness or injury to one or more persons, and $2,000,000 for property damage, in respect of each occurrence; and (c) PNE and other entities named by PNE may need to be added to as additional insured.

Policies for such insurance shall be in a form and with an insurer reasonable acceptable to Licensor, but in no event with an insurer with AM Best rating of less than A-, shall require at least fifteen days written notice to Licensor of termination or material alteration during the Term, and shall waive any right of subrogation against Licensor and all individuals and entities for whom Licensor is responsible in law and shall contain coverage for blanket contractual liability to cover indemnities included in this License Agreement. License shall deliver to Licensor evidence satisfactory to Licensor of such policies and that all premiums thereon have been paid and that these polices are in full force and effect.

PNE Typically Uses the Vendor Below for Event Insurance