Event Overview

The Player Networking Event (PNE) was established in 2000 as a pilot program under the National Football League’s (NFL) Player and Employee Development Department (now known as Player Engagement) while Guy Troupe worked as the department’s senior director. The six-hour event, which typically takes place the Saturday before Super Bowl Sunday, was created to provide active and former NFL players with exposure to corporations committed to (or interested in) providing players with work experiences through the NFL’s Career Transition Program. In 2003, the NFL provided Troupe21 & Associates with exclusive ownership rights of PNE and access to various NFL assets to produce the event. Historically, PNE has targeted sponsors and partners interested in marketing appearances, shadowing experiences, internships, employment, vendor supplier, franchising and investment opportunities to active and former NFL players. In 2011, PNE expanded its focus to support players interested in using the platform to launch and promote their business interests. Over 1,500 active and former NFL players have benefited from the PNE since inception.

PNE Super Bowl weekend is a networking experience for active and former NFL players, approximately 40 vendors and 300 corporate guests scheduled to take place Saturday, February 3, 2018.

PNE’s social media strategy is designed to connect, engage and inform high school, college, active NFL, and former professional football players about the PNE Mentor Network, which consists of approximately 1,100 former NFL players. Our PTSD Strategy involves posting, streaming, texting and downloading event-related information to create a virtual and “forever green” learning environment for players in need of career transition resources and support. This approach includes a fan engagement strategy that helps our partners and sponsors connect with targeted customers.


  1. To compliment the career transition efforts of the NFL and NFL Players Association.
  2. To support active and former NFL players by assisting them with networking, employment contacts, and exposure to post-football career opportunities.
  3. To identify and invite trusted professionals into the PNE network for the primary purpose of mentoring active and former NFL players.
  4. To recruit corporations interested in structuring career learning opportunities for active and former NFL players (e.g. shadowing, internships, management trainee, employment, etc.).
  5. To help active and former NFL players create realistic career transition goals.
  6. To advance a brand marketing strategy that highlights active and former NFL players that have demonstrated success in business and employment.
  7. To establish a nationally recognized brand PTSD Football utilizing digital and social media.
  8. To support the growth and expansion of PNE’s Career Transition Program—Big Shoulders—a 501 (c) 3 initiative administered by BEES, Incorporated.
  9. To launch our online Business of Sport Football Series to football players throughout America.
  10. To increase our current social media reach by 30%.

Value Statements

-PNE has worked in partnership with the NFL, NFLPA & NFL Alumni since inception.

-PNE has identified, promoted and trained successfully transitioned former NFL players.

-PNE provides career transition support for active & former players who attend the event.

-PNE programming helps to normalize the challenges of career transition.

-PNE provides career education, coaching, and mentorship for players.

-PNE exposes players to a corporate environment (versus party environment).

-PNE facilitates player-to-player, business-to-business and player-to-business interaction.

-PNE models off-the-field professionalism for active and former NFL players.

-PNE helps players schedule shadowing, internship, and employment opportunities.

-PNE provides positive public relations content for the NFL.

-PNE serves as a viable corporate entertainment option for event partners and sponsors.

Information for Exhibitors

EXHIBIT SPACE Requests for exhibit location will take place between January 1 and January 15. Confirmed exhibit space will be provided when exhibitor booth materials are onsite for move-in/SET-UP. It is highly recommended that exhibitors create professional and visible signage to market and promote its products and/or services to event attendees. Exhibitor is required to keep booth space neat and orderly at all times. PNE reserves the right to cancel or refuse exhibit space to any person or organization whose conduct, product or service is (in the opinion of PNE staff) incompatible with the image and objectives of the event.

MOVE-IN/SET-UP/DISMANTLE Exhibitor must set-up between 8:00am-11:00am the day of the event. Exhibitor is responsible for assembling, decorating and arranging exhibit space. Any exhibitor that has not completed set-up by 12:00pm on Saturday, February 3 may be denied participation without refund or recourse. Exhibitor can begin dismantling exhibit area at 6:15pm. All materials must be packed and removed from the venue by 7:45pm. Exhibitors that (a) leave materials behind, (b) fail to clean exhibit area, (c) request to store materials overnight, or (d) fail to checkout will be charged a $400 fee for incidental expenses. Exhibitor agrees that PNE has the right to charge the credit card on file if any of the aforementioned occurs.

REGISTRATION Exhibitor is required to check-in at the PNE Registration Area and pass a visual exhibit space inspection to be complete by 1:00pm the day of the event. At that time, exhibitor will receive all event-related materials including event credentials, weekend benefits, paid-in full invoices, etc. Exhibitor will be required to provide a major credit card as a security deposit for incidental expenses referenced in the clause above.


-Two people located at your exhibit space at all times; two people roaming to attract guests to vendor area.

-Interactive experiences, food, treats, gifts, etc. typically increases vendor traffic.

-Bring enough literature, gifts, SWAG, etc. for approximately 250 people.

-Networking with other exhibitors to learn about products, services, marketing strategies, etc.

-Dress is business casual; showing some uniformity with your team is suggested.

-Collect business cards for post-event follow-up.

-Dedicate ten minutes for green room interviews with the PNE media; times scheduled day of event.

-Develop a 50 second pitch that will be captured by PNE staff and uploaded on PNE website.

SECURITY AND INSURANCE The PNE will provide general, overall peripheral security during the PNE. The exhibitor is responsible for the security of property on site and carrying insurance for all potential occurrences. Any private security personnel must register with PNE prior to the start of the event.

MEDIA Various portions of PNE will be captured on video. PNE has the right to use all footage obtained for the primary purpose of marketing and promoting the business objectives of PNE. All player-owned or affiliated businesses will be required to participate in a 10-minute interview. Exhibitors desiring to photograph, film, tape or broadcast PNE must obtain advanced written permission from PNE.

FOOD AND BEVERAGE EXHIBITS If your organization is requesting to serve sample size food and/or beverages during the event, we expect approximately 500 guests. Use your best judgment regarding quantities based upon your understanding of typical consumption at events of this nature. Exhibitor must (1) adhere to health and safety laws of the state where the event is taking place, (2) secure and pay for equipment, utensils, products, etc., and (3) submit a one-page menu detailing all sample food and/or beverages for final approval by PNE.

USE OF MARKS/LOGOS. The PNE name and logo, and related marks and logos may not be used for any purpose (i.e. promotional literature, giveaways, etc.) without the express written permission of PNE administrators. It is agreed that the PNE may utilize exhibitor’s marks/logos in connection with pre, post and future event advertising and promotions—including but not limited to—the use of photos, images, likeness, marks and logos in written, email, internet, radio and television forums. Exhibitor has no pass through rights for use of the PNE or event-related marks and logos. Any desired use must be requested in writing as an attachment to this agreement. Exhibitor marks may be used perpetually on the PNE website: www.pneinfo.com.

Sponsor Activations

We incorporate high school, college, professional and retired athletes into our overall strategy while executing traditional event planning functions that offer clients multiple activation opportunities (e.g. public relations and communications, brand strategy, contests and sweepstakes, hospitality, strategic alignment, social media engagement, traditional advertising, online promotions, on-site sampling, business-to-business campaigns, promotional opportunities, target marketing, digital and interactive media, etc.).  Funds from sponsorships are utilized for all event-related expenses with the aim of fundraising for year-around activities (e.g. workshops, online learning, counseling, career coaching, etc.) designed to help active and former football players in transition.   [Note: All pre and post-PNE workshops are facilitated under the programmatic name—Big Shoulders—operated by PNE’s charitable beneficiary BEES, Incorporated, a 501 (c) 3 private foundation; tax ID number 73-1444898.]